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    amplify your strength

Bootcamp at amplify brings together High Intensity Interval Training and immersion into the music!
Come and have a blast with our dedicated coaches on our state-of-the-art treadmills, and next generation sound system.

50 min

1000 cal

6 treadmills

85 dB

Our bootcamp session is an ultra-efficient workout focused on cardio, full-body strength that will make you stronger physically and mentally.

The weekly planning lets you choose areas of focus, lower body, upper boby, full body. At amplify there is always a workout for you!

If running is not your thing, it’s okay we offer the double floor option. Your coach will adapt to your needs!

Bootcamp is a High Intensity Interval Training that allows your body to get a full workout in an efficient and fun environment.
The training is based on running on a treadmill at different speeds and steepness, mixed with floor exercises (push-ups, squats, abs, curls…) to obtain fast and durable body tone and strength. If you don’t want to run, it’s okay, we have the double floor option for you!

Our dedicated room has been designed to offer the best experience in terms of sound, atmosphere and fun.

Our training sessions are open to everyone, from beginners to experienced athletes.

Instructor leads you in cardio and weight training, your heart gets stronger, you increase lean body mass, reduce fat and raise your metabolic level. The playlists takes you further than ever.

Your instructor will explain how the session will unfold and how the treadmills work.

The weights, treadmills and benches are cleaned and disinfected after each session.

Double Floor: repeat the strength exercises 2X without the running.

Double Run: repeat the running part 2X without the strength exercises.

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To guide you during your Bootcamp sessions :