Joy Is Our True Nature

Marla, from the UK, found her love for Yoga in 2017. She discovered her authentic voice and true passion through yoga empowered by the immediate positive benefits she experiences physically, mentally, and emotionally.

She aims to guide you through an experience that encourages you to (re)connect with your inner joy, and your authentic, self and maintain a healthy connection to yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. She will guide you through an exploration of your own yoga practice for self-empowerment, an inspiration to reconnect with your inner child and step outside your comfort zone!

She loves traveling and exploring new cultures. experiences and learning… after all, variety is the spice of life!! Her overall aim is to share with her students her belief that JOY is our true nature.

Guilty pleasure : Potato, in all its forms

Favourite place : India and Sri Lanka

Favourite asana : Wheel Pose, Chakrasana

Favourite artist : Solange

Favourite music

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