First time?

Follow the steps...

  • Before you come
  • Check-in
  • Installation
  • During the session
  • The after class

Before you come

Take your favorite sports outfit, your energy and your best smile!

Filtered water fountains are available in the studio.
We sell recyclable mineral water bottles if you forget yours!

amplify studio


Show up 15 minutes before class starts and sign in.
Our team is here to be with you in your first steps at amplify. From the changing rooms to the fitness rooms, let us guide you!
The lockers with code are there to hold all your stuff.
Once you are ready, take advantage of our reception or lounge to hydrate yourself, meet the coaches and get to know the other athletes!


Our equipment is simple and efficient, cleaned and disinfected after each session. Our team will help you settle in for maximum comfort and performance.
A towel is provided for the session.
Let your coach know if you have pain, injuries or if you are pregnant, he/she will adapt your training.

amplify studio

During the session

Focus on yourself and listen to your body. This is your time to find the best version of yourself.
During all our sessions we are offering different variations for both first timers and athletes as well.

The after class

Take time to discuss with your coach, ask him for advice, ask your questions.
Take a fresh towel and a well-deserved shower!
In the changing rooms, our individual showers, cleaned and disinfected after each use, have all the useful products.
You will also find all the products you need to follow up your day/evening: Hair dryer, deodorant, cosmetic products...

amplify studio

Set up in detail

For your first session, please be early so we can help you set up:

    • We use automatic pedals for maximum safety and performance - the right shoes (disinfected and cleaned after each use) are provided, but you can bring your own. We can advise you about it in our studio.
    • The seat adjusts to the height of your hip.
    • The distance between the front of the seat and the handlebars must be equal to the length of your forearm.
    • The handlebar should be level or slightly higher than the seat (in case of back problems, raise the handlebar a little more).
    • The most important thing is to feel comfortable and free of tension.
  • Your instructor will explain how the session will unfold and how the treadmills work.

    The weights, treadmills and benches are cleaned and disinfected after each session.

  • We provide the yoga mats but you can come with your own!

    The mats are cleaned and disinfected after each session.